Thursday, July 14, 2011

My Birthday Treat: Summer Restaurant Week 2011

Thanks to my amazing boyfriend, my last two birthdays have been spent "fine dining" in DC - Ceiba in 2009 and Acadiana in 2010. With such a high bar set, I expect to spend this year chowing with the chiefs once again. Luckily for him (and his wallet) my birthday once again falls within the ever anticipated Restaurant Week.

This year's event (which runs this year from August 15-21) includes a slew of restaurants in the city as well as in some of the neighboring suburbs. A set price (lunch: $20.11 per person; dinner: $35.11 per person) will you get a 3 course meal that usually includes an appetizer, main course, and dessert.

Here's my advice on how to do it right:

1. Choose somewhere you haven't been. RW is the perfect time to try a new cuisine or a restaurant you wouldn't usually go to. Maybe try some Japanese barbecue at Kushi or refined Indian at Rasika...

2. Make your reservations NOW. The most popular restaurants fill up quickly, especially for weekends. You can make your reservations using the VENGA app (which I love) or at OpenTable.

3. Start saving up. While this is a steal by any standards, dropping over $20 for a meal more then once a week can add up so start saving now. Same goes for calories... go easy on the fries for a week before and def hit the gym. It's worth it.

4. Expect to pay for drinks and tip regularly, not on the discounted amount. NO ONE wants grouchy servers so think about the table after you and tip like you paid full price.

I'm looking forward to sharing my picks (and my surprise birthday meal) with you all *wink wink*

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