Tuesday, February 7, 2012

GBH Hungry Valentines' Dining Guide

I think I may be a difficult Valentine. Half of me thinks the day is corny and a waste of time and money, the other half wants to be surprised with grand romantic gestures. But what to buy? Flowers make me sneeze and those heart shaped boxes of chocolate are never actually good. As you can probably guess, the best way to my heart is through my stomach so a romantic dinner is always a winner in my book.

Gag! That's cheesy... but I kind of love it

For those of you who share my sentiments (or have partners/friends that do), a great way to pull off an extra special night out without breaking the bank is by taking advantage of one of the many price-fix menus offered just for the big day. While there is a near complete list of what the DC area has to offer over at OpenTable, here are a few of my favorites from the list that have more ethnic/exotic offerings than the standard steak dinner.

Acadiana - 901 New York Ave, NW. Louisiana seafood and Cajun goodness in a modern and romantic setting.  Not so much a "price-fix" as a "fixed price-range" menu with the price based on the entree ($56 - $64). I recommend the charbroiled oyster app that would impress anyone - buttery and fantastic. MENU

Belga Cafe - 514 8th Street, SE. Sophisticated Belgian cuisine in four romantic courses (one is even called the inter-course!), with decadent ingredients like foie gras and black truffles. $79.69 per person - add $39.69 for wine pairings. MENU

Bombay Club - 815 Connecticut Ave, NW. Located only a few blocks from the White House, Bombay Club attracts some high end Washington clientele but it's not so stuffy that it becomes unwelcoming (My first visit was as a lowly college student). The offer is five courses of refined Indian with a champagne toast and (questionably corny) piano music for $75.

Ceiba - 701 14th Street, NW. South and Central American cuisine in four courses with a range of prices similar to Acadiana (same owners, duh!). One word: CHURROS! $51-59.  MENU and DESSERT

Cuba Libre - 801 9th Street, NW. This year's three course menu titled "The Golden Age of Romance" promises a taste of 1940s sultry Havana. Caliente and well priced at $78 per couple (not including drinks). MENU

Masa 14 - 1825 14th Street, NW. Multicultural love abounds at Masa 14 with a Latin-Asian fusion menu that includes edamame, a choice of three small plates and a dessert for $70 per person. The flatbreads are delicious but just the idea of the 72-hour brisket has my mouth watering. MENU

Meze - 2437 18th Street, NW. A very well priced option is the four course "Love Menu" at this sleek Turkish spot in Adams Morgan. The menu is simple but every item looks tempting. $39 per person. MENU

Oya - 777 9th Street, NW. This hip eatery's five course Valentine's Day price fix is sure to offer an interesting mix of offerings that would be at home in a sushi house or a modern American restaurant. If the $85 per person price is too steep, maybe go for the $35 three course menu that is a nightly offering. The luxurious decor and romantic lighting will surely make up for it.

Tabaq Bistro - 1336 U Street, NW. This U Street favorite is offering a five course menu that includes a palate-cleansing third course sorbet and a glass of champagne with dessert all on the enclosed rooftop with a beautiful view of the city. (After many drunken brunches it's hard to think of the brunch as romantic, but I digress...) $75 per person and 50% off bottles of champagne.

Now go out and make those reservations PRONTO! And don't forget to tell your date GBH sent you!

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