About GirlBornHungry

I am Maisha and I am Hungry. Seriously. My parents always joke that after twelve hours of labor I came out resembling a half dead baby bird, wailing for food. At 5lbs 1oz, I was in desperate need of some nourishment and within minutes of my birth I was eating.

Then I ate some more, and some more... for the next 27 years I was ravenous. I sometimes think my life is a series of meals and snacks with other stuff to fill in the gaps.

My strongest memories are all associated with food...
Summer afternoons spent competing with my cousins to make the most creative and delicious sundaes, filled with anything from the kitchen pantry;
Slurping huge spoonfuls of meaty Liberian soup, so spicy it made my nose run and my scalp perspire;
The solemn Easter dinner after my grandmother's death, my mother's famous roasted lamb tasting strangely of ash that could not keep any of us at the table...

None of my friends are surprised that I decided to start a blog. They've all experienced what it's like to sit across from me over a meal and hear me use every adjective I can think of to describe the salty-sweetness of Ercilia's pupusas or what could make a sandwich just a little bit better. When a friend asked my why I loved food so much I replied, "I was just born hungry" and it just clicked.

This blog is about food, but it's really a chance for me to share the things that I love:
-I love to share good food and drinks with my friends. That's why I am always on the hunt for my new favorite bar or truly arrogant-staffer-free happy hour special.
-I love DC, where there is good food at every turn. I hope that my recommendations help my readers discover something new and some may even bring business to local places that need it.
-I love restaurants, chefs, and what's going on in the food world. I won't bore you with industry news, but I will share when that news means new restaurants, hot deals, or fab food that everyone should try.
-and I love to travel. While I don't travel regularly, when I do jet-set I will be eating, writing, and clicking tons of photos to share. I hope to do some road-tripping soon and I will take you with me.

So come, read, and then go eat.. because I will be.

Let's go!

- Maisha

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