Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Still love the old, but in with the Brau

I love Natty Boh.

For those of you who don't know, National Bohemian is considered Baltimore's local beer, although it is now brewed in Milwaukee, and purports itself to be "From the Land of Pleasant Living". I've been drinking it since I made the purely economic decision to embrace brewskies and at anywhere between $1-3/can, it was a logical choice (also see, PBR).

If I really think about why I Natty Boh, I must say it's
not necessarily the taste and more about the feeling of drinking what generations of "Marylanders" have enjoyed - most likely for next to no money and with a great bag of Utz Salt and Vinegar chips.

That being said, there may be a new beer to find a place in my heart... the District's first brewery in almost 50 years, DC Brau Brewing Company has released it's first brew: The Public. Described as an "easy drinking pale ale", it sounds like it would fit right into my Natty Boh/PBR niche.

I'll most likely be giving it a try at Marvin or Little Miss Whiskey's, but check out the complete list of w
here you can find it at DC Brau's website.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Right food, Wrong city

If you'll be in NYC April 27-May 8 you will have the exciting chance to preview what may very well become the place I spend ALL my money... Rogue 24, is set to open in Blagden Alley (the rear of 9th Street) right here in the Crossroads (that's the amazing neighborhood located between Shaw/Mt. Vernon/Logan Circle for those of you not in the know) sometime this spring, but Chef RJ Cooper will be previewing the cuisine in a 16 course progression tasting for $100/person. Check the deets here. Catch me on the Chinatown bus. I'll be the one counting her pennies in the rear.
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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Lincoln takes Washington

150 years ago Confederate forces attacked Fort Sumter, kicking off the Civil War and the bloodiest four years in American history. But by that April day the lines had been drawn for months; ever since Lincoln was elected President and Southern states fled from the Union to protect their precious slave society.

So I know you all are thinking: "what the heck does this have to do with food" but if you know me personally how can you be surprised that I've finally found a way to talk history! But alas, there is a point because today, Lincoln is taking Washington again - although this time the rebs are invited to the party.

Located at 1110 Vermont Ave, walking distance from the Farragut North Metro, Lincoln focuses on locally-grown seasonal American fare - think squash in the winter and sweet summer corn. They also pay tribute to President Lincoln's favorites... oysters, gingerbread, and chicken frickassee.

The restaurant is also filled with modern and POP culture friendly nods to the Prez, like cool paintings and a bar decorated with pennies. Lincoln is open for lunch, dinner, and late with a bar menu. Brunch is "coming soon" and I'll be checkin' for happy hour prices. (shocker)

Review coming soon. ;)

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