Wednesday, June 30, 2010

so I was in the mood for a quickie (pronounced quiche)...

After a long, hot day at the pool, my good friend Estelle had the ingenious idea to make a quiche for dinner last night! Now, I was never a fan of quiche growing up, but that is probably because I only had the frozen mini versions at parties.

Despite her English roots, Estelle is an excellent cook and has taught me a thing or two about simple and delicious meals (stay tuned for my Shepherd's Pie attempt later this summer) and we've attempted a quiche before that was simply AMAZING!

Last night's quiche contained the following:

Crust - whole wheat flour
sea salt
canola oil
cold water
The crust was rolled out, placed in the pyrex pan, and baked at 400 for about 20 minutes until it was fully cooked.

Layers - tomatoes
zucchini (lightly browned in a frying pan)
mushrooms (quickly sauteed so they wouldn't be raw)
cooked turkey bacon (microwaved of course)
grated sharp white cheddar
When the crust was fully cooked we layered everything up in the pan, with most of the veggies on one side (more turkey bacon for Dan, more veggies for us!)

Filling - eggs (we ended up using about 10; it was a BIG quiche)
soy milk
chopped scallions
seasoning (salt, pepper, dried basil)

When we poured the filling over the whole thing, we realized we didn't have quite enough which was no problem... we just beat up some more eggs and added it in. Then we finished it all up with another healthy sprinkling of cheese.

After what felt like an eternity... we sad down and enjoyed a delicious place of quiche with a small salad and some Trader Joe's corn and chile salsa! So easy, and soooo good!!

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