Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Lincoln takes Washington

150 years ago Confederate forces attacked Fort Sumter, kicking off the Civil War and the bloodiest four years in American history. But by that April day the lines had been drawn for months; ever since Lincoln was elected President and Southern states fled from the Union to protect their precious slave society.

So I know you all are thinking: "what the heck does this have to do with food" but if you know me personally how can you be surprised that I've finally found a way to talk history! But alas, there is a point because today, Lincoln is taking Washington again - although this time the rebs are invited to the party.

Located at 1110 Vermont Ave, walking distance from the Farragut North Metro, Lincoln focuses on locally-grown seasonal American fare - think squash in the winter and sweet summer corn. They also pay tribute to President Lincoln's favorites... oysters, gingerbread, and chicken frickassee.

The restaurant is also filled with modern and POP culture friendly nods to the Prez, like cool paintings and a bar decorated with pennies. Lincoln is open for lunch, dinner, and late with a bar menu. Brunch is "coming soon" and I'll be checkin' for happy hour prices. (shocker)

Review coming soon. ;)

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