Tuesday, May 24, 2011

GLEEful Baked Eggs

Tuesday night was the season finale of Glee so my good friend Estelle and I decided to get together, cook a great meal, and glue ourselves to the TV for an hour. Estelle is a patisserier in the making and she's been spending loads of time searching blogs for new things to bake (and share!). Recently, she discovered the trendy and insanely enviable world of La Tartine Gourmand, written by French expat Beatrice Peltre. Peltre's blog is chock-full of gorgeous photos of her food and family, as well as some seriously tempting recipes.

So while Glee was a big disappointment (original songs? UGH!), dinner was fantastic. I can highly recommend Bea's site as well as her recipe for Baked Eggs, found here. We found that it was perfect with some over-toasted French bread and an extra sprinkle or two of Parmesan cheese. Because of the size of our ramekins, two eggs would have been better to completely cover the other ingredients and really fill the dish out. Having two eggs may also keep you from eating two whole servings like we did...

The cheese and creme covered asparagus was definitely the star in this dish, so you could do without the watercress. I think this could be made with almost any seasonal veggies... I think I will try tomato and shallots next.

Let me know if you make it and give Bea a shout out if you like it!

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