Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Meals on Wheels, Lunch on the lam.

The line for lobstah outside of the NatGeo.

Downtown DC at lunch time is full of busy, rushed people looking to get in and out of one of the many casual dining restaurants that are all over the city. What they get: a three-piece meal (entrée, side, drink) for under $10 and a seat at a shared table after waiting for anywhere between 5 and 20 minutes. One alternative to the norm is the not so revolutionary food truck. Street food has fed the working masses everywhere from New York to Mumbai for generations, providing a quick option for workers with not a minute to spare. Hot dogs, falafel, crepes... the options are endless and DC has certainly joined the street food party. The list of DC food trucks is extensive. Among the most popular choices are the Fojol Brothers' duo of trucks offering Indian (Merlindia) and Ethiopian (Benethiopia) cuisine on the go, DC Slices with its super fresh pizza, served with or without basil and with super crunchy crust, and Curbside Cupcakes with... well you know what they're hocking.

The "Meal Deal"

One truck that goes against the very principle of the quick work lunch is the Red Hook Lobster Truck. Lines can go on for blocks and the signature lobster roll is $15 ($17 with chips and a fresh homemade soda). But, the lines aren't just for the buzz, the food is genuinely good - fresh lobster, in daily from Maine, tossed with mayo, celery and spices and topped with fresh scallions and served on a buttered and grilled roll. (wipe your mouth... you're drooling) The good news is the lines are destined to get better because Red Hook is debating their 2nd truck tomorrow which is destined to lessen the wait! To enjoy what these trucks, and the many others, have to offer it's simple: check out (on Twitter it's @foodtruckfiesta) or follow the trucks you're interested in. Lunchtime locations are usually announced by 10am and sell outs, line updates, and rain warnings are tweeted in real time. @lobstertruckdc
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